Vibrant, quality sublimation printing

We specialise in printing textiles through the process of sublimation printing.


Digital design files are printed onto dye-sublimation papers with specially formulated inks. Printing using this method allows for fine lines and more sharp, detailed printing.


Once the papers are printed, they are then pressed through our heat press using a combination of heat, time and pressure to bond the inks to the fabrics fibres.

When the pressing is finished, you’re left with incredibly high quality, vibrantly printed fabric.

Hundreds of print designs

With hundreds of designs and colour options available in our design library, you will be sure to find the perfect print design for your project.


The range is vast, including floral prints, stripes, geometrics, watercolours, textures, kids prints and so much more.

Each design can be printed onto any of our fabrics, included in the price!

High quality upholstery fabrics

Water repellant, fire retardant, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal

We strongly believe in providing high quality fabrics that will remain durable and continue to perform for a long time. All of our fabrics are either Australian made or sourced from Australian suppliers.


Our range of Zircon® Upholstery fabrics were created to solve the special criteria for upholstery in healthcare and hospitality; Zircon® will provide seating comfort and peace of mind for residents, carers and visitors alike, especially in those areas of assisted care where the management of incontinence is paramount. The hospitality industry will benefit from the use of Zircon® on furniture, providing a practical and economic solution to high spillage and heavy usage areas in accommodation, leisure and entertainment venues.

Jules Hunt Ceramist Collaboration

Designs specially crafted from ceramics for interiors

We are proud to introduce our new visually stunning Elements range by acclaimed multi-medium ceramic artist Jules Hunt.


Taking inspiration from nature, Jules creates vibrant geometric patterns created initially in three dimensional ceramic forms that are then transposed to our textiles.

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