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5 Interior Design Trends Coming in 2019

There are quite a few new interior design trends coming in 2019, with one very exciting part – they are all quite varied from each other, yet can all be used in beautiful harmony. You can find our top 5 interior design trend predictions for 2019 below: 1. Matte black is everything Matte black is […]

The 4 Types of Pattern Repeats

Ah, repeats! Choosing a repeat style for a design can be tricky as there are so many factors to consider. Does it look right? Is it too repetitive? Is the scale too large? Does it look forced? The questions never end in the quest for the perfect design. Now, lets get to what the 4 […]

The Colour Wheel – 3 Minute Explanation

You’ve probably heard of the colour wheel before, or you’ve heard the words “complimentary colour” or “analogous colours” thrown around before. In the design and colour world there is a very essential tool called “the colour wheel” that is used as a base to choose colour schemes for all kinds of projects, from interior design, […]

RGB or CMYK – What is the difference? When should you use them?

Have you ever wondered what the differences between RGB and CMYK are? When you should use each one and why? Our 2 minute video below will explain exactly what each colour mode is and when to use them! Don’t want to watch? Here are the basics: RGB is what is called an additive colour model […]

A walk through our facilities (Video)

At Mereton HQ we have a 4 major areas where our time is spent: the digital room, the sample room, the press area and our beloved lunch room, where we gossip and make all the coffee! This video is a sneak peek into our digital room, on a day where majority of the machines were […]

Floral Interiors – Bold and Impacting

On this years season of House Rules, one of the final challenges was a charity challenge where the contestants renovated 3 individual apartments and the common areas of Bezzina House. One of the couples boldly chose a large scale floral wallpaper to adorn their zone, the main dining room. The end result was quite impactful and got me thinking about the use […]

See how we print samples using the sublimation printing method (video)

Sampling is a service we offer here at Mereton so that you can see exactly how any design or file will look once printed to your selected fabric. We encourage sampling prior to ordering bulk runs of fabric as often what you are seeing on your computer screen can look different once it is printed […]

Fashion to Furnishings

Fashion and furnishings; two words so similar that not only do they alliterate, they share a multitude of dynamics, yet they have never really crossed over their major kinship: sharing the same trends at the same times. With with continually changing colour palettes, combinations, scales, shapes, patterns and forms it was inevitable that there would be a cross […]

Polyester vs Cotton – Infographic

Here at Mereton we print to polyester fabrics, so we naturally have a love for the extremely durable and versatile product! That’s not to say we don’t love cotton too, however it is often misunderstood as to which fabric is actually friendlier to the environment. Many believe that cotton is an environmentally friendly and sustainable product due […]

On-Trend Colours in Commercial Design

Our design library is full of designs that fall across many different styles; there are the highly detailed and heavily textured designs, the two dimensional ultra modern designs, classic florals, typical stripes, wild stripes and almost everything in between. The library is a constantly growing catalogue, and the 12 latest additions fit into a whole new […]